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Vr. 01-09-2017
21:00 uur
De Ruimte
UMA presents DJ Katapila + 06NRG

Uma presents:
DJ Katapila (Awesome Tapes From Africa)
and more to be confirmed.

DJ Katapila (Awesome Tapes From Africa) straight outta Accra.

Katapila started out as a funeral DJ in Ghana, and blends an unlikely selection of music into something utterly danceable. Expect hiplife, Ghanaian gospel, '90's house, and Detroit techno, mixed and maimed, while Katapila himself, toasts and drums his way through. Named after the truck that keeps on going, his sets are said to never end. We don't mind, really.

This Ghanaian legend will be supported by local hero 06NRG (https://soundcloud.com/06nrg) and more to be confirmed.

Limited capacity, pre-sale only - more info coming soon.

artwork by Lin Ven


Uma is a given name in various cultures.
In Sranantongo ‘uma’ means woman, just like 'uman' in Krio.
In India, it is the name of the Hindu goddess, who is more commonly known as Parvati. In Sanskrit the word umā can further mean "tranquillity", "splendour", "fame" and "night".
In Hebrew and Aramaic its meaning is "nation".
It is also used by the Tiv people of Cameroon and Nigeria where the meaning in the Tiv language is "life". The name Uma is also popular in the Otukpo subgroup of the Idoma people of Nigeria and the meaning in the Idoma language is "to shine".
Uma in Balinese language means rice fields.
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